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'No matter who I'm with, I'm coming back to Angela,' Bradford said. No one has topped her, no one has been a better fit for me both physically and emotionally.' And Bradford said he never worries that Angela may find someone she loves more than him, or vice versa. 'I hope it won't happen, but I'm not the greatest person out there - I'm sure there's better looking, smarter, richer people - but I can say I have never had a relationship that I value more than ours.' Although the couple know monogamy isn't for everyone, they do have some tips for those who are considering the swinger lifestyle.

'We're both scientists, and we know the only constant in the world is change. Bradford suggests that if you've been thinking about an open relationship for a long time, but haven't told your partner, it is essential to give them time to think it over.'Give them time to acclimate with the idea and mull it over,' he said.

Like r4, my third hookup of the day (all separate, one at a time), driving home wearing nothing but blue jeans (I had lost my underwear) and realizing I was a little sticky with jiz from all four of us. I realize that a lot of guys on this site can top that, but I was a little skeeved out by it. About halfway through fucking him I realized I had been in his apartment before, and had fucked him in the very same bed. Only other "whorish" experience may be the time I was fisted by one guy in a stairwell while gobbling another guys dick. Damn, damn, DAMN those were good sexually compulsive 24 hour episode for me -- call it whorey if you like -- (a) got drunk at bar on castro and went home with muscular, blonde kid who barebacked me/unloaded in me against/consistent with my wishes; after coming a few hourse later, i visited Kaiser ER to start PEP program, after which (b) i got fucked by a porn star with huge dick in late morning/early afternoon, then (c) fucked a big dicked italian from new york in early evening.

We carried on an "thing" for a couple of years, every now and then. By the time I had popped my load the standarounds were beginning to unload all over me and my fuck buddy. This pales to R21's story, but my whoriest moment was the unexpected discovery, at a Lower East Side club's weekly gay night that didn't last very long (this was about six or seven years ago), that there was a curtained off section in the middle of the basement where an orgy was going on -- and all of the guys going in were HOT TO DEATH (college-age, not hipster or Chelsea queen, mostly preppy).

Both Bradford and Angela call themselves 'socio-sexuals', meaning they enjoy deeper relationships with people.

'It means we're turned on by people who can engage us in clever conversations, a sense of humour, who enjoy similar things that we like to do,' Bradford said.

Bradford was inspired to launch the weekly By the Bi podcast to help others after years of struggling with his own bisexuality And the couple wanted to launch their series Sex Ed in the City, held at the club Our Secret Spot with Mis Jif, to help fill the void of sexual education for adults.'There's a lot of things you're not taught in school, and porn doesn't really show you the reality of sex and relationships,' Angela said.'It's definitely a "friends with benefits" thing, we categorise all our friends as "pants on" and "pants off".A "pants off" friendship is a socio-sexual thing.' 'We're not looking to hook up and have sex with random people,' Angela added.So we made a conscious decision that we're not going to hide who we are or what we do,' Angela said.'We wanted to surround ourselves with positive people who were like-minded, we didn't hide anything and that made everything a lot easier.' And the couple found that their lifestyle was accepted far more in Australia compared to their conservative community in the southeast US.'In Australia, if they're interested, they ask questions.

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I was good freinds with his wife as well - not sure if she every suspected what was going on (though i honesty don't think she would have cared.)Hooked up with a really hot guy one evening.

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