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Dating scammer emmanuel mensah

But just because the president can’t be impeached (at least not yet), court-martialed or fired doesn’t mean he can’t be punished. There are remedies that lie between removal from office and doing nothing.The best short-term remedy is censure by both Houses of Congress, a move that would begin the essential process of checking Trump.And it was un-American: Immigrants from dysfunctional countries, including those like Trump’s grandfather, who came from impoverished Germany in 1886, built the United States. Another thing to research: Article 133 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Article 133 charges require no proof of law-breaking.They can be brought for merely “indecorous” behavior, which means acting like an asinine ignoramus.

I mean who wouldn’t want to buy gold at a huge discount to the prevailing price, pick up the metal and then dump it onto some bullion dealer and get paid the market price thus making an absolute killing.

Keeping it in military terms—terms, by the way, that even Trump would understand—puts pressure on Speaker Paul Ryan and Mitch Mc Connell, the Senate majority leader, to at least let their chambers decide.

Members wouldn’t have to debate immigration or foreign policy or even racism, merely vote that the president’s conduct was…

It will be hard for many of them to say no, or to explain to their constituents why the remark was OK.

The issue would be further crystallized if Democrats threaten to boycott the Jan.

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